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Meet The Founders

Our Story

We are passionate home cooks who make sauces, full of fresh flavour, using only great ingredients and carefully prepared in small batches in our sauce kitchen.

A Vacation Inspiration

10 years working in food combined with a trip across Italy convinced us to bring proper pesto back to the UK. No substitutes or compromises just great ingredients. 



Meet The Team


I managed a deli and catering company for 10 years before setting up The Fresh Sauce Co with my partner Mark. When we bought a boat to rebuild and live on after travelling through Italy I found less and less time to cook from scratch every evening. I simply had a choice, spend an hour every night cooking or buy something made in a big factory, full of preservatives or that had been pasteurised. My sauces our made using my carefully selected and researched recipes where I source only the great ingredients to enable you (and me!) to make a meal that's full of flavour and super quick, so even when I'm busy dinner is still super tasty.  And of course they are all fresh, made in small batches in our Suffolk kitchen.

My favourite meal

Lemon tagine with chicken thighs served with wild rice salad.


An accountant by trade I never had the time to cook always meaning the evening meals were down to Victoria. I was always nervous cooking for a partner who was a chef by trade but using our sauces has meant that I now cook far more meals because every time I use our sauces I know I get a great meal that we will both

My favourite meal

Roasted Mediterranean veg with chickpeas, rice and haloumi mixed with pesto. Its summer in a bowl!