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We hope that you enjoy our sauces so much that you want to share them with friends, and we'll reward you if you do so. 

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Loyalty Scheme Overview



Refer a friend One free sauce
Share on Facebook 50 Taste Points
Write a review 120 Taste Points
Follow on Instagram 50 Taste Points
Spend £1 with us 10 Taste Points

100 Taste Points = £1.

How to get involved?

Hit the 'rewards program' button on the bottom right to get your referral link, view your accrued points, and exchange them for discounts. Alternatively, click here to open the loyalty system.


If you have placed an order and subsequently realised that you needed an account to receive points, send us an email, and we'd be happy to manually adjust your points. To minimise the likelihood of problems, we recommend logging in to place orders and perform other actions.