Taste Collectiv is changing to The Fresh Sauce Company


Our story started in 2014 when we were two busy bees working hard, rocking the 'nine-to-five' and spending what leisure time we had on our passions in life - travel and food.

It was while travelling on a romantic trip from Rome to Venice, that we had our moment of inspiration. Fresh pesto. Food at home just doesn't taste like this. Often the real ingredients are substituted, diluted, then filled with preservatives and put on a shelf for six months.


Meet the Producer: Taste collectiv from Tabl on Vimeo.


We decided to go back to the basics; we make everything fresh, and use the correct ingredients to produce authentic sauces. Our aim was to create a pesto you could enjoy as if you were dining in a top Italian restaurant.

After eating our homemade pesto three-to-four nights a week for almost a year, we tracked down the best suppliers (yes we're selective) and recreated the flavours we had experienced in Italy.