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This month we are collaborating with Laura (ThreeByOne) to bring you the best tasting coconut milk to try with our sauces!

Three By One is a brand of small batch organic products, based in Antwerp, Belgium & Cambridge, UK, owned by Laura.

Whilst travelling for her denim design job Laura came across a family owned company with a proud heritage of being one of the pioneer coconut oil manufacturers in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon.

The family have been coconut oil millers in Sri Lanka since 1913, when they established a state of the art (at that time) coconut oil factory.  Whilst working closely with a son of the owner who had gone into the textile industry a random non-work conversation of an idea Laura had that never came to fruition, led her to hear the family story & before she knew it Laura had her very first coconut products on the way to Belgium!


Here’s all you need to know about Three By One Organic Coconut Milk.

Grow in rich volcanic soil which contributes to the high mineral content of a coconut the fresh coconut meat from mature kernels is steeped in purified water & strained through layers of cheesecloth to extract the milk. Like us here at The Fresh Sauce Co Laura does not use any nasty preservatives in her canned coconut milk but flash pasteurise.

The Coconut Milk is 72% Coconut! 


Because the coconut milk contains the actual meat of the coconut, it contains the natural healthy fats that are great for your brain, skin & metabolism.  

Victoria's Comments

We love finding small niche brands that have the same ethos as us around  carefully selected ingredients that taste divine. This coconut milk is really something else and just takes our Thai green, red and laksa paste's onto a different level. I couldn't ever imagine going back to the standard coconut milk now we've swapped the consistency, look and taste our so different and makes you wonder what is in the other tins on the shelf.

July Special

Launching 30th June we are bringing back our Thai Red and Laksa along with our Thai Green to give you the ultimate flavour experience when combined with this fantastic Coconut milk from Laura.